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Endpoint & Mobile Workforce Protection
Manage Your Data Throughout Your Mobile Enterprise

Endpoint & Mobile Workforce Protection

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Enterprise Endpoint Challenge

The mobile workforce and BYOD trends are placing tremendous strain on IT in terms of data security, endpoint backup, information access, provisioning and application handling, and even network security. With hundreds, sometimes thousands of endpoints to protect and manage, and an increasingly diverse number of devices within the enterprise, this challenge is bigger than ever.

Safeguard Your Enterprise Data Everywhere It Lives

Gain peace of mind knowing that all your data is backed up seamlessly and protected with options such as remote wipe and three-tier encryption. Enterprise administrators can identify where devices are at any time and use tools in the centralized dashboard to protect valuable business data at your endpoints.

Infrascale enables the secure intersection between the enterprise and the mobile workforce by ensuring data on laptops, tablets and smartphones is protected and managed.

Unlimited backup, best-in-class data loss prevention, geotracking, remote wipe and heterogeneous restore capabilities are combined in a single, unified dashboard to simplify management for IT, improve business productivity and reduce security risk.