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Cloud Backup for Application Servers
Your business runs on applications. Protect all of your business.

Cloud Backup for Application Servers

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Business Information Lives in Application Servers

Along with the explosion of new devices a business must support, has come an explosion in the number of applications that require backup, protection and management. It is no longer enough to focus solely on data protection; when applications are affected, work comes to a halt.

Protect Your Application Data Where It Lives

With the Infrascale Platform you can protect applications by deploying changes, such as necessary updates or security patches, with a centrally managed dashboard, from anywhere in the world. Ensuring that your applications are secure and business-ready is a necessary component of any layered security strategy. Moreover, Infrascale allows IT to report and monitor various endpoints and servers for status and compliance with security standards, such as corporate-defined default settings to ensure the safest application position possible.

In addition, Infrascale saves these settings for users, so if a device is lost or stolen, users can get easily up and running on a new device with their personal settings and data – saving both IT and the user time traditionally spent re-configuring a new system.