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Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infects your systems


Price notes:

Infrascale Disaster Recovery
Infrascale DRaaS
per month per TB Price
Our Price: $319.00
1 year term for DR subscription
per TB Price
Our Price: $447.00
3 year term for DR subscription
per TB Price
Our Price: $319.00
3 year local only DR option
per TB Price
Our Price: $249.00
Ony Software- Virtual instance
per TB Price
Our Price: $59.00
Ony Software- for Cloud Failover Service
per TB Price
Our Price: $189.00



Infrascale Disaster Recovery (IDR) is a hybrid cloud-based disaster recovery as a service that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.

Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infects your systems. Infrascale Disaster Recovery lets you instantly recover your data & systems by spinning up virtual machine replicas either locally or in the cloud

Eliminate Downtime and Data Loss

Eliminate Downtime and Data Loss

Whether it is a routine server crash or a site-wide disaster, unplanned downtime comes with serious consequences.

Your Ransomware Insurance

Your Ransomware Insurance

Quickly recover from a ransomware attack without ever having to pay a ransom.

Effortless Management

Effortless Management

Infrascale solutions can be deployed quickly, with an intuitive UI. You can easily set up your data protection needs in a single pane of glass, all centrally managed through the dashboard.


IDR backs up physical servers and virtual machines to a local appliance before it is replicated to the Infrascale Cloud.

Central Web dashbard

When a server crashes, or a file just needs to be restored, you can quickly restore recently backed up files locally or from the cloud. And in events – such as natural disasters – where both the primary server and the DR appliance are unavailable, then systems can be spun up in the cloud* as a temporary center of operations until the primary servers can be restored.

This hybrid approach enables you to spin up virtual machines locally or from the cloud*, enabling your users to access their data and applications from a temporary production site, buying you time to fix the root problem.

* Failover to the cloud is not available with IDR Local (click to see the difference)


Boot Ready in Minutes

Infrascale is able to offer an industry-leading boot-ready time for failover and have an average recovery time of under two minutes.

Failover to the Cloud*

For Windows and Linux environments, virtual or physical, administrators can boot up VMs from the local appliance or in the cloud*, with RDP or VNC access.

Drag-and-Drop Orchestration

Use Infrascale's drag-and-drop, graphical orchestration workflow editor, also known as a runbook editor, to specify the order in which machines are recovered, create groups of machines to boot simultaneously, and specify time intervals between system boots to ensure a smooth, stress-free system recovery

Software Defined Networking

Infrascale Disaster Recovery rebuilds your network automatically and on the fly using sotiware-defined networking technology – effectively capturing a complete replica of your on-premise data center in the cloud.

Radical Transparency

Infrascale publish our actual recovery times to document just how fast they can recover systems. Check out our CloudBoot™ Histogram and discover the fastest DRaaS solution on the market.

Any Cloud

Replicate your data to Infrascale’s cloud, a private cloud, or third-party clouds such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or IBM Cloud.

Guilt-free Disaster Recovery Testing

Perform unlimited Disaster Recovery tests without having to formally declare a disaster or incur additional costs. Infrascale's orchestration functionality lets you test system dependencies before a real emergency hits.

Disaster Recovery for Linux

If you’re running Linux in your environment, you can failover locally or in the cloud. Infrascale Disaster Recovery supports Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu server operating systems.

Recovering Virtualized Environments

Backup physical machines and recover them to existing hypervisors, or recover VMs as physical machines (P2V and V2P recovery support). Set policies to automatically discover and protect newly created VMs to save additional time and money, and reduce risk of downtime.

Local Disaster Recovery

For micro disasters and small server crashes, it’s otien faster to spin up VMs on the local appliance. In a matier of minutes, administrators can have VNC access and use a live, running machine. Operations can quickly fail back by powering off the VMs and restoring it back to the production environment.

Use your Existing Hardware

Looking to leverage your existing data center infrastructure? No problem. The on-premise component of Infrascale Disaster Recovery is also available as a VMware and Hyper-V virtual appliance.

Central Deployment

All system components can be deployed directly from the Infrascale dashboard. System configuration and management can also be performed centrally, regardless of how distributed are the systems to be protected.

* Failover to the cloud is not available with Infrascale Disaster Recovery Local.

Which Infrascale Disaster Recovery is Right for You

IDR offers industry leading protection for any environment and configuration. Review the options below to identify the right product for your environment and requirements or discuss the options with our specialist team.

PRIMARY USE CASE Industry leading backup and disaster recovery with local and cloud failover Industry leading backup and disaster recovery with local failover only
—Local failover
— Cloud failover  
—Unlimited disaster recovery testing
— Failover one or multiple systems
— Failover network  
REPLICATION All backup jobs 1 (last) backup job per day
— Windows
— Windows
— VMware
— Hyper-V
— Microsoft Exchange Server
— Microsoft SQL Server
— Infrascale cloud
— Private cloud
— Files and folders
— Entire system
— RTO (minutes)
— RPO (1hr or less)
— Deduplication and WAN acceleration


Download the Infrascale Disaster Recovery Datasheet (PDF).