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Infrascale Endpoint Backup
Endpoint Data Protection & Device Management

Infrascale Endpoint Backup

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Protect Data Everywhere it Lives
Protect Data Everywhere it Lives

With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), your customers must proactively manage continuous data protection of vast amounts of information on an ever-growing number of endpoints. Certain, if not predictable, security risks arise from laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones which contain proprietary data that is critical to businesses and confidential to your customers and partners.

Infrascale endpoint backup, a module of the complete Infrascale Platform, is purpose-built to enable you to protect and manage your customer data across all endpoints from a unified dashboard. Intelligent deployment, monitoring, reporting and remote management technology [such as remote wipe] make endpoint protection and data-loss prevention simple and secure for devices on and off network.

Endpoint Protection Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection

Infrascale allows data to be protected in the most distributed array of networks and devices—backup all data, from any device at any time. Don’t let your exposure to loss grow just because your business is growing, utilize the Infrascale Platform to prevent and mitigate data loss.

Data Loss PreventionData Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention

End the headaches of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) configuration with a solution that protects and monitors confidential data across all mobile devices. Manage your data protection policies and activities in a single dashboard.

Audit Reports and Monitoring Audit Reports and Monitoring
Audit Reports and Monitoring

Use Infrascale’s monitoring tools to plug data protection and backup activity into your helpdesk support system, or use our state-of-the-art reporting to show activity history for each device.


Don’t settle for less: enterprise-grade scalability starts with thousands of endpoints and doesn’t sacrifice performance. Scalable endpoint backup means a more cost-effective and resource-effective solution.

Security & ComplianceSecurity & Compliance
Security & Compliance

We have spared no expense to guarantee the utmost in security, both in technology and storage. Utilize our ‘zero-knowledge’ Ultrasafefeature to ensure access is limited only to authorized users. Be assured that your data is stored at top-tier data centers with the latest in security access procedures and protocols.

Data Backup:

Data backup is no longer just about servers, sometimes the greatest assets of an organization are in the field. Infrascale safeguards your customers’ data where it lives: on all user’s devices, no matter what type.

Ensure your customers’ employee productivity stays high and reduce their security risk with a solution built on the award winning Infrascale technology.

Backup files and email archives across and beyond the borders of the enterprise using an underlying agent with intelligent data detection. Performance management features include incremental backup, compression, throttling for bandwidth and CPU cycles.

Simplify administration for varied devices in a centralized location with support for heterogenous restore to a different device or OS platform.

  • Backup across multiple OS platforms– Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone–ensures support for device diversity.
  • Military grade, three-tiered encryption process provides the highest level of data protection.
  • Remote wipe, heterogeneous data restore, and geo-tracking provide best-in class data loss prevention.
  • Backup to public cloud, private cloud or hybrid, or on-premise appliance; you choose the configuration that’s best for your Business.

Endpoint Backup

Endpoint BackupToday’s bussiness world is more diverse than ever. This creates distinct advantages but also distinct challenges for service providers. Infrascale protects your customers’ business data across the range of devices and operating systems that have proliferated in their businesses, giving them peace of mind.

Backup all your customers’ data seamlessly, without interfering with their users’ productivity. Infrascale’s easy to use management console and robust infrastructure mean you do not need to be concerned about scalability or management resources. We’ve got you covered.

Backup as Diverse as Business Requires

With 1.62 billion mobile devices in the workspace by 2016, your business’ valuable information assets are on a wide-range of devices. Ensure your data is securely archived no matter where it resides- in or outside of your network. Infrascale offers a wide range of backup and management tools to meet your business needs.

  • Unlimited Backup for Windows and Mac laptops and desktops.
  • Unlimited device backup for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows 8 devices ensure all business data is protected, no matter where it lives.
  • Separates user business and personal data for your company’s protection.
  • Endpoint backup solution ensures endpoint devices are protected also means device replacement is fast and easy for users, getting them back up and running in the event of device loss.
  • Account Management applications for mobile devices mean you can manage your Backup anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate Data Deduplication

Infrascale archives all your data and then uses a sophisticated system for regular backups which only affects information that needs it, reducing redundant data and saving your organization time and money. Don’t pay for storage or backup bandwidth you don’t need.

  • Effective rapid backups don’t intrude on user productivity.
  • Efficient data deduplication ensures your business pays only for the storage and bandwidth it requires.
  • No need to pay for extraneous or duplicate information.

Save the Day: Snapshots

Infrascale takes daily snapshots of your customers’ endpoint devices and allows you to save an unlimited number of snapshots. Why? Taking daily snapshots means you can roll your device back to a specific date, providing an added level of device protection.

  • Snapshots mean you can roll back to a specific date in the event of data loss or system corruption.
  • Only Infrascale allows you to save an unlimited number of daily snapshots, giving you even more protection.

Backing up in the Background

Infrascale protects your customers’ data smarter, not harder. We’re always working in the background to ensure you, as a service provider, are keeping your customers protected.

  • Users can restore data and settings quickly and easily, minimizing downtime in the event of device loss or failure.
  • Infrascale will certify your customers’ data is protected. If a backup is interrupted, Infrascale will auto-resume and ensure the data is effectively protected.
  • Resource optimization features minimize bandwidth and CPU utilization, increasing productivity.

Management Features Keep You in Control

The Infrascale Platform significantly reduces the amount of time and resources required to manage data protection with unified management, policies, and easy configuration.

  • Centralized Management Dashboard enables IT teams to manage your customers’ business data no matter where it resides.
  • Intuitive interface with easy to configure policy and reporting tools keep you in control.
  • Deploy, manage and report all from the Management Dashboard, and rest assured you have complete control of all your accounts.

Mobile Backup & Recovery:

Infrascale delivers powerful iOS and Android backup and recovery applications at no additional cost. These applications can be logged into with an existing account, or sub-account for any of your customers’ employees.

  • Backup unlimited devices: Backup as many Android and iOS devices as you have within your organization. Infrascale does not limit the number of devices.
  • Backup and recover an entire smartphone: Infrascale allows you to backup and recover applications, contacts, photos, videos, and other media.
  • Recover to any other device: Recovering and restoring data is simple with the Infrascale Android and iOS applications. It is simple to restore any file to any device, even a desktop.

Access Backups AnywhereAccess Backups Anywhere

Infrascale mobile applications enable you and your customers to access backups from anywhere in the world. These native applications free you to preview, stream, or download backed up data, regardless of file type.

  • Access any file type: Download, stream, or view any piece of backed up data in the Android and iOS applications.
  • Access data backed up from any device: It doesn’t matter from where the file was originally backed up, access is available in these native applications.

Share BackupsShare Backups

Data protection is critical not just to your customers, but to their employees and colleagues who depend on them. Infrascale native mobile backup applications allow data to be shared between internal or external users.

  • Send files via email: Once you have identified a file that you want to send, simply add the user’s email address.
  • Send files with a secure link: The files shared will be available to the recipient via a secured link. Share these backups anywhere in the world!

Data Loss PreventionData Loss Prevention:

Loss of data ranks as a “worst nightmare” for businesses of any size. The cost of a data breach is estimated at $136 per lost record at an average of $5.4 million total annually in the US. (Ponemon Institute)

With increased workforce mobility comes a heightened risk of data loss. More data in field, stored locally on endpoints means more devices to safeguard.

While the hardware may not be recoverable, the data from laptops can be very easily restored if basic cloud backups were scheduled regularly, prior to the data loss.

Features like remote wipe and remote device tracking and flexible scheduling are essential tools to managing your DLP strategy. Geolocation support ensures not only that you know where all protected devices are, but helps future proof your investment as policies change according to location. Additional Endpoint Backup features include:

  • User-transparent backup and monitoring allows IT to protect and manage devices without interrupting or intruding on personal usage.
  • Intuitive management dashboard and mobile app allows IT to deploy changes, report, and monitor endpoint and server backup from anywhere in the world.
  • Allows for mass deployment, policy management, data capture frequency controls, task delegation and self-service restore.
  • Robust reporting tools and analytics provide easy access to data usage and trends. Centralized real-time search enables administrators to locate and retrieve any backed-up file on any device and analyze usage trends

Data GovernanceData Governance:

Your customers’ biggest asset may just be the data they maintain. Data governance solutions have moved from nice to have, to must have.

But governance and compliance can be complex with industry, technology and company policies to consider.

Policy driven data governance means clear control without the headaches.

Managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of your customers’ data is a priority. Ensure you’re meeting the industry standards and enabling compliance with a comprehensive and consistent offering.

Deployment & Scalability:


Is your customer acquiring a new company? Staffing up to meet a business opportunity?

Whether you service the enterprise or organizations that just have big plans, we’ve got you covered with highly scalable solutions to meet your current, and future demands as a service provider.

Industry analysts expect organizations to double their budget allocation to cloud services in coming years. Make sure your investment is future-proof.


Infrascale allows a “your cloud, our cloud, any cloud” deployment pattern. You can also opt for an on-premise cloud connected appliance. But if you need rapid deployment, and do not want to manage infrastructure, the Infrascale cloud offering enables you to get started right-away. The Infrascale cloud is served from 15 global points of presence and operates out of many world-wide locations. You can control in which datacenter your data resides.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Infrascale application and host it on your own private cloud infrastructure. Infrascale data protection solutions can be delivered as a virtual appliance, and can run on all major hyper-visors.

If you’ve already made an investment in AWS or MS Azure, then you can also deploy Infrascale atop those clouds. We offer the flexibility service providers are searching for in deployment and hosting options.

Infrascale lets you decide what to protect and when with our MSI builder:

  • Flexible and intelligent MSI builder for mass deployments – with user creation and configuration built-in
  • Mass deployment runs silently, completely transparent to the end-user
  • Deep Active Directory integration
  • You set expiration, meaning you control the amount of time allowed for the deployment

Security & ComplianceSecurity & Compliance:

In providing flexibility in hosting data in your cloud, our cloud or any cloud, Infrascale enables your customers to meet the most robust security and compliance requirements; SSAE 16, SAS 70, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and EU Safe Harbor, to name a few.

As a recognized leader in secure data protection and archival services, Infrascale employs use of military-grade encryption algorithms in a three-tiered encryptionprocess; encrypting data before transit and over an encrypted tunnel before arriving at our top-tier facilities wherein the data is stored on the latest in IBM enterprise hardware.

Rest at ease that your data is safe by enabling our zero-knowledge encryption methods via UltraSafe. With UltraSafe, protect data knowing that no one but the account-holder holds keys to unlock data stored on the backup servers.