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Infrascale Announces Cloud Backup Accelerator, a Disruptive Cloud-Centric Approach to Backup
Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 02:47:03 PM


New Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution Reduces CAPEX Costs by up to 70 Percent, Overcomes Internet Bandwidth Limitations and Reduces Recovery Times from Days to Minutes

El Segundo, Calif., February 18, 2015 - Infrascale, a leading provider of secure, cloud-managed data protection, today announced the release of the Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator. The all-in-one solution draws inspiration from four emerging technologies- direct-to-cloud backup products, integrated purpose-built backup appliances, WAN acceleration solutions and cloud storage gateways - to create a true industry first that makes cloud backup and recovery five times faster.

Since Infrascale was founded in 2006, its company leaders have believed in the promise of the cloud to protect business data, no matter where it resides, no matter the underlying operating system. But the cloud has inherent limitations, including the time it takes to replicate large datasets to the cloud. For example, with an average internet connection (25 mbps), it would take four days to replicate five terabytes of data to the cloud.

This limitation was one of the primary reasons behind Infrascale's acquisition in June 2014 of Eversync, a Salt Lake City-based backup appliance manufacturer that had developed leading-edge deduplication technologies. As part of Infrascale's hybrid strategy, these appliances are now cloud-connected and leverage Infrascale's growing stack of cloud technologies.

"We wanted to create a fundamentally new approach to data protection that made it practical to back up and recover large datasets to and from the cloud, quickly and securely," said Ken Shaw, CEO of Infrascale. "Effectively, we wanted to create the backup equivalent of a set-top box. A set-top box is a local appliance that connects your TV to the Internet and makes it possible to view a seemingly endless amount of online content. Similarly, the Cloud Backup Accelerator is a local device that enables businesses to back up their critical data and quickly stream it to the Cloud for long-term storage and archiving."

The current backup and disaster recovery market puts the burden on companies to either choose an inadequate solution or cobble together products from multiple vendors into a complete data protection solution. Neither of which is practical or affordable.

"Infrascale's Cloud Backup Accelerator combines the best elements of direct-to-cloud backup such as easy deployment and inexpensive storage with the best parts of purpose-built backup appliances, namely fast backup and recovery, into a simple but powerful solution," said George Crump, president and founder of Storage Switzerland. "When you add WAN optimization capabilities that go beyond just leveraging deduplication and compression, the Cloud Backup Accelerator becomes a compelling option that businesses should consider."

Dramatically Better Value

The Cloud Backup Accelerator is priced significantly less (i.e., up to 70 percent less) compared to competing hybrid backup technologies, both in terms of the device and of cloud storage costs. Instead of buying a large backup appliance, which typically is provisioned for extra storage to accommodate future growth, customers can simply purchase a lean backup system with more cloud storage.

Infinite Capacity

With the Cloud Backup Accelerator, IT administrators decide what mission-critical information stays local, based on custom policies, for fast recovery. Since the device is serving more as an intelligent cache, business data automatically spills over to the cloud without users having to worry about the storage limits of the local device.

Built-In WAN Acceleration

The most efficient way to accelerate the transfer of information across the WAN is to not send it in the first place. Infrascale's integrated WAN acceleration and deduplication technologies significantly reduce the transfer time and payload of copying data to the cloud. This translates to 5X faster upload speeds and quicker recovery of lost critical data, the traditional drawback of cloud-based replication.

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