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Eversync Offers a Free Version of Its Virtual Backup Software
Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 02:46:50 PM

Backup software protects up to 2 TB of network data.

Campbell, California -- October 2, 2013 -- Eversync, provider of affordable data protection software and hardware for the mid-market, today announced the availability of a free, 2 TB virtual backup appliance that runs on VMware. Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software is a version of the software included on Eversync’s all-in-one backup appliances that protect physical servers, virtual servers, and key business applications.

For customers needing more than 2TB of capacity, the software products start at $625 per socket (1-12 cores) including support. Priced at less than half that of comparable software product offerings, Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software provides enterprise level data protection at a mid-market price.

“Eversync’s varied data protection products allow our customers to move up from one package to another as their storage needs grow, and eventually move to a hybrid cloud configuration where data is automatically tiered between on-premise backups and the cloud,” said Dennis Cindrich, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, Eversync. “Customers appreciate Eversync’s pricing model that doesn’t penalize customers as their environment changes, with no per-server or per-application licensing fees.”

Download free software to back up virtual machines and physical servers

The free version of Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software is available now as part of Eversync OS Release 5.3, a full-featured enterprise class product for data protection that includes replication, deduplication, archiving, and instant restores. To download Eversync’s free software, visit here. Earlier this year, Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software was rated “Excellent” by analyst group DCIG in its Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide. To download DCIG’s head-to-head report of mid-market companies providing software based data protection, visit here.

Eversync’s combination of backup, deduplication, and replication – all in one package – has been instrumental in tape replacement projects, server consolidation and virtualization projects, as well as to companies that are trying to improve their disaster recovery capabilities.

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