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Revinetix Adds VMware Backup Integration and Block Deduplication to RevOS 4
Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 02:04:52 PM


Salt Lake City, Utah Nov. 11, 2011 – Revinetix, the leader in disk backup and disaster recovery remote replication solutions, today announced version 4 of its RevOS advanced backup software with the features of agentless VMware integration and block-level deduplication.

This latest upgrade automatically detects and configures VMs to perform snapshot backups at the .vmdk level and VM restores to original or alternate locations. Block deduplication identifies and eliminates blocks of duplicate data in VM and physical servers/clients backups, significantly improving overall storage utilization and performance of VMs and physical servers/clients.

“With more and more companies discovering the benefits of virtualization and deduplication, Revinetix RevOS Release 4 with VMware backup and block deduplication will help them reduce IT costs and simplify backup administration of virtual machines and physical servers/clients,” said Randall Crocker, Revinetix vice president of marketing.

RevOS Release 4 builds on a solid suite of enterprise-class data protection features, including remote replication disaster recovery, fully automated disk backup, central administration of physical and VM backup configurations, backups and recoveries.

“Customers will experience decreased downtime and improved reliability with disaster recovery and data protection of their virtual machines and physical servers/clients with these new features in RevOS 4,” said Randall Crocker, Revinetix vice president of marketing. “The full VMware integration creates a safety-net and protection for VMs.”

Features in this latest release include:

  • Agentless integration to vSphere 3.5 and up environments or directly to ESXi host
  • Utilizes vADP in VSphere 4.0 and higher for simple consistent backups
  • Creates and backups up snapshots of the .vmdk files
  • Wizards included to help users with setups and restores
  • Initial VM discovery and configuration when new connection to vCenter is added
  • Automatic client creation on the appliance for immediate backup scheduling and protection
  • Performs full and incremental image backups and restores of VMs
  • Archives and replicates VM backups for long term and offsite storage
  • VMs can be restored to original or alternate host
  • Block-level deduplication of VM and physical servers/clients backups to maximize storage space

Central to Revinetix' technology and market approach is its Disk2Disk2Disk® or D2D2D® network backup philosophy. While traditional backup solutions transfer data from disks to tapes - a slow and often unreliable method - Revinetix offers affordable total disk-based backup solutions, complete with preinstalled RevOS backup software, Live Bare Metal Restore (LiveBMR™) BMR utility and support for off-site archiving and remote replication backup.

RevOS is included on every Revinetix Sentio Pro and Sentio HD disk backup appliance and is relied upon by small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMB/SMEs) across North America and in Europe.  Cloud-based byte-level replication and deduplication features are used for disaster recovery and storage optimization. RevOS requires no additional software programs and a single license supports an unlimited number of clients.

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