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In-Use File Backup and Restoration With Latest Revinetix RevOS Data Protection Software
Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 03:38:25 PM

Salt Lake City, UT Feb. 16, 2011 - Enhancements in the latest version of the Revinetix RevOS® data protection software now enables backup and restore of in-use files on the file system. The solution also offers enhanced support for Volume Shadow Service (VSS) Writers and live browsing of Windows client file systems.

RevOS is included on every Revinetix Sentio™ Pro or Sentio™ HD disk backup appliance and is relied upon by small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMB/SMEs) across North America and in Europe. Byte-level replication and deduplication features are used for disaster recovery and storage optimization. With browser interface management, RevOS automates backup, archive and recovery functions down to the desktop level for every machine connected to a network - even those connected through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The software also provides the capability to restore individual emails into the Live Exchange database and the user’s inbox. This helps organizations easily address email retention guidelines such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other regulations.

RevOS is helping enterprises run more smoothly with:

- Customizable backup schemes to help fulfill meet corporate or government requirements

- Replication architecture that reduces replicated data sizes

- Archiving choice to numerous removable media devices

“Data protection software is the lifeblood of data life management,” said Steve Ackerman, founder and CTO. “With RevOS we are providing a way for IT departments to ensure their data is protected. Our solution offers the quickest ways possible to restore data, emails, contact lists and other important information so that business can carry on with minimal or no interruptions.”

Understanding that budgets and time constraints are a key consideration for every enterprise, RevOS is a single license that supports an unlimited number of clients and requires no additional software programs and a single license supports an unlimited number of clients. Installation is intuitive and is typically completed within an hour. The system is managed through a Web 2.0 browser-based GUI. And, because backup times are significantly reduced, IT staff is free to focus on other enterprise-critical tasks.

Additional features within this new version include:

- Multiple client editing

- Support for all major operating systems

- Backs-up VMs and existing SANs

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